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ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Mike Parnell and Sam Solomon both love footwear and people. Mike, a 50 veteran in the footwear industry, established an extension of his North Myrtle Beach shoe business to Leland NC, September 2012. Like his North Myrtle Beach store, Mike focused on stocking quality footwear, offering a competitive price, and serving customers with excellence. In 2016 Mike hired Sam Solomon to manage Shoe Center Leland. Over the past years Mike and Sam have worked closely together, and Sam has demonstrated his exceptional sales and management abilities along with sharing his dream of owning his own store. It is with great pleasure and confidence that Mike Parnell of Shoe Center Leland, is transferring ownership from his family-owned business to Sam’s family beginning May 2021. Your patronage at Shoe Center Leland in the past and present have been greatly appreciated, and Mike hopes you will continue shopping with Sam and his sales team at Shoe Center Leland, now a Solomon Family-Owned Business in the beautiful Villages at Brunswick Forest.