“Why did I agree to this?” winced Lee Seymour, a staffer at London’s Stylist magazine.

What had Seymour—and three other contemporaries from Stylist—all in a tither was a social experiment the magazine was conducting: How would men fare working a full day at the office in high heels? After all, in the UK, it’s still legal to make women wear heels to work. Women are required daily to navigate a morning dash for the bus, daily meetings, and office stairs in stilettos. Now, captured on video, the tables were turned.

As Dan Adeyemi struggled with the new shoe arrangement, he confessed: “I’m not going to lie, I think I might break my ankles.”

Sam Diss dove right in, walking down a flight of stairs with a cup of tea. “This is easy,” he said as he clutched the cup, “I don’t know why everyone complains about them, this is fine.” That announcement just moments before he hurled out a curse when he stumbled, dripping boiling tea on his hand.

Later, the men broke for lunch, with one pair hitting the streets in their stilettos. Here they encountered the sensation of navigating cobblestones in heels.

“Oh my God that’s so hard,” admitted Seymour. “That’s actually quite scary.”

His co-worker, Tom Wheatley, quickly agreed, noting it felt like “when you’ve got ice skates on,” before adding, “I have no idea how a woman can run in these.”

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How Stylist came to carry the torch for support of a woman’s choice to heel or not to heel came about because of the fuss 27-year-old Nicola Thorp’s public statement created after she’d been sent home by her temp working service job at PricewaterhouseCoopers for not wearing heels. Public sentiment, such as the Stylist staff’s experience, plus 140,000 signatures in support of Thorp and women’s choice on heels is bringing awareness of the issue to a larger audience.

Stylist’s Seymour says he won’t soon forget the pain. “My little toe was absolutely crushed by the end of the day. Now when I see women wearing heels I wonder if they’re finding it really painful, too.”

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